Transform Your Business
Build A Foundation of Lasting Entrepreneurial Success 
in The Eternal Cityand accelerate your business by at least 6 months*
JUNE 23-25, 2018
A Business Experience Weekend  
Designed Specifically to 
Grow Your Business,
Meet Like-Minded People, 
and Explore & Experience 
a Sensational City

Struggling? Isolated? Frustrated? 
Feel Like You're Not In Control?

Is your business bringing you the stable, sustainable income that you require? 
Or do you find yourself worrying each month about how the bills will be paid?  

Are you frustrated that, despite your best efforts, you're constantly chasing sales? 
Do you spend all your time working IN your business, rather than ON your business?
Whether you’re a corporate leaper, a frustrated entrepreneur, or own an established, thriving business, 
you’re invited to join The Success Engineers, Simon Hartley & Dino Tartaglia, on a 3-Day business adventure 
on the edge of Rome: La Città Eterna.

Instead of souvenirs, you’ll be taking home a different way of thinking and a new clarity in 
your understanding of how to kickstart, accelerate and grow your business.

You’ll spend 2 of those days working on a gameplan to put in place the solid foundation for 
lasting entrepreneurial success on which you can build a sustainably profitable & successful business.

“At Success Engineers, we help people to think and act like highly successful entrepreneurs."

This is a two-day intensive and highly personal workshop. It's designed to help entrepreneurs 
create the foundation for success. 

In fact, we’ve even titled it…
The Foundation of Entrepreneurial Success.
It's going to be “serious fun”. 

That means it’s going to be fun, for sure, but with a very serious focus! 

We’re doing some serious work on your business to create some 
very real, tangible, value, that lasts long after the Rome experience has ended.
Before I get into that though, 
please allow me to introduce ourselves...

We are Simon and Dino - 
The Success Engineers  
Whether you're looking to leap from the J.O.B., trying to control & stabilise your business, or 
hitting a glass ceiling when trying to leverage or scale, we can help.
Hi. I'm Simon, Sports Psychology Consultant and
8-times Author 
I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards becoming World Class in their chosen field.

I’ve worked with and interviewed World Class performers and teams & gained incredible insights into what characteristics are common to those who are the very best in the World at what they do. In short, I understand how the best in the World get there and stay there. 

My expertise lies in helping organisations, teams and individuals consistently engineer peak performance and realise their full potential.

By applying exactly the same approaches in business for almost 10 years, I’ve had incredible results with Executives, SMEs, Corporate clients and Entrepreneurs of all types and persuasions.
Hi. I'm Dino, the slightly-menacing-but-short one.
(Actually, I'm a real pussycat...
...maybe 😉 )

Over the last three decades, I’ve built, advised, worked with, closed and scaled over 200 companies over a range of sectors.

I major on troubleshooting, business mechanics and Execution Intelligence. There's no problem in your business I'm not likely to have seen, or figured out how to solve.

My real 'superpower' is the ability to connect the actual (not perceived) problem with the solution (or the problem solver with the problem holder).

This means we can identify what needs to be done in your business in any of the FIVE key areas and help you short-circuit some huge delays, money pits and learning curves.

Between us, we have been responsible for engineering the success of many hundreds of individuals & companies, from £Bn Corporates to £50k middle managers 
building a side hustle to break away from the J.O.B. 

We both charge (& get paid!) a high corporate fee for our expertise.

So the creation of Success Engineers and providing our world-class events 
at a phenomenally reduced cost is our way of giving back, and forms part of our own
'path to fulfillment', something we'll be helping you with on Day One in Rome. 

What's in it for me?
How will "The Foundation of Entrepreneurial Success" 
help you build a profitable (or even more profitable) business?
No matter what label someone chooses to slap on you, above all, you’re ambitious and you think differently 
you just can’t seem to fit into the normal humdrum of corporate or salaried life. 
  • You are frustrated by a ‘Groundhog Day’ style of existence.
  •  You need a solid business. 
  •  You want a vehicle for you to express yourself - you want to make a difference & make an impact.
  •  …but you need to figure out what you want & how to make it happen. 
  •  You have a driving need to serve and to provide for yourself, your family, your customers, your community 
  •  You feel compelled to do the things YOU want, in a way that truly, deeply fulfills you. 
  •  You know you can be, do, and have more – you just aren’t quite sure how to get there.
Which is why this transformational event is structured specifically 
to enable you to come away with a solid plan that works for YOU and 
to put that plan into action for the journey you need, not for anyone else.

Corporate Leaper?
Standing on the precipice, 
trying to make the leap - but you know you need a that will actually allow you to build a solid platform to land on.
Frustrated Entrepreneur?
You’re great at what you do, but you can’t seem to get enough of your market to agree.  You need stability & an action plan.
Successful Business Owner?
Things are comfortable, but you’re chock-full of ideas and can’t seem to extract the full value out of what you do.  You need clarity.
Whichever best describes you, this is an event designed to 
move you forwards by at least SIX MONTHS, 
irrespective of where you are in your business journey.
Tranquility to Help You FOCUS.
What's covered in the Rome Business Experience Weekend?
Cocooned within a sophisticated, private estate on the edge of Rome, you’ll benefit from the peace & tranquility of the exclusive access we have to the whole of Casale del Gallo: villas, pools and the grounds

You’ll need this to focus on a packed two days filled with ‘serious fun’.

We’re a couple of serious guys, who take our clients’ challenges & successes very seriously but, like anyone, we do like to have fun!  Experience has taught us that mixing the two tends to really help everyone (including us) to absorb and apply the information and strategies we share in our Business Experience Weekends.

So, not only will you be spending a solid two days learning, planning, thinking, absorbing, and collaborating with other hand-picked business owners, but you’ll also chill by the pool, relax over meals served outside in the warm summer air of the Italian countryside, enjoy free-flowing wine and conversation and bond with the people around you.

Our Business Experience Weekends create an environment where some solid friendships have been forged..

We hand-pick everyone that comes on our Business Experience Weekends, so we know that we have the best mix of people to collaborate and contribute to each other’s business..

And have some fun!
(This was taken at our Warsaw event)
On Day Three we’ll be taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and the history of Rome on 
a privately guided & specially tailored tour of the city.
You’ll find that everything you’ve thought about and discussed over the previous 2 days 
starts to surface and really take hold, as you walk about the opulent ruins and fabulous ristorante, 
chatting about life and business with your new friends

When you leave on Day Four, you’ll be itching to get back and start to implement, 
which is when the support from us and from your new accountability buddies will kick in 
and propel you to new levels of achievement in your business.

Enjoy The Good Life Whilst Building Your Future Success
What Can You Expect?
  • 3 nights of superior accommodation in a sophisticated Roman villa
  •  Breakfast every morning, indoors or outdoors according to how you feel, prepared and served by our private Chef
  •  Two solid days of structured insight, training, learning, collaboration and planning (see the Schedule for a detailed itinerary)
  • High-level, tailored training on sales by Pete Dunn, an extraordinarily successful sales trainer who has trained the floors of Bugatti and BarCap (Barclays Capital), amongst many others, and a highly successful salesman in his own right  
  •  A day trip into the Beautiful City, with a private guided tour of Rome. Crafted to give us plenty of time to explore and absorb, pause for coffees and relaxation, with lunch and dinner built into the plan, you’ll relax and take in the wonderful sights and sounds that make Rome THE city on everyone’s bucket list
  •  Ongoing support, follow up and accountability, with access to a private FB group and The Implementation Room, Success Engineers virtual co-working hub set up to help business owners get key tasks done. 

Leave Rome With Literally Life-Changing Results...
  • An innovative, highly-focused weekend experience in an immersive environment with an intimate group of like-minded people 
  •  Insights, learning and a plan that can and will be implemented from the full 3-day experience 
  •  A connected support group and a structured system designed to help you IMPLEMENT 
  •  A love of Rome and of Italy - the food, culture, history and people 
Most importantly,
you'll take away an actionable plan that will enable you to 
build the foundations of a truly successful business.
  • A business...
  •  That generates massive value for people, and that they’re happy to pay very good money for.
  •  With a compelling proposition, so that sells itself. 
  •  And a business model that extracts the true value, and turns great potential into £$€s
  •  And help you… 
  •  Develop the first, fundamental characteristic of the world’s best entrepreneurs 
  •  Build a motivational engine that will power you through the challenges.
Straight Talk:  What This Is... And What It Isn’t
What the Rome Business Experience Event Is All About:
  • 2 days of immensely productive, ‘serious fun’, learning to put the solid foundations under both YOU and your business or business idea that will sustain long-term success and profitability 
  •  All accommodation, breakfast, lunch and refreshments so you can relax and focus
  • Specialist Sales training from the incredible Pete Dunn: learn how to ‘sell without selling’
  •  An intimate, exclusive gathering of just a handful of like-minded, hand-picked business people who’ll most likely become your friends, collaborators and ardent supporters.
  •  A slow-paced, but full day taking in all that Rome has to offer
  •  A BIG tick next to your 2018 goals of ‘experiences over things’
  •  An immersive 3-day experience that will examine and extract exactly what drives you and give you precisely what you need to move your business to where you want it to go with absolute conviction
What This Isn’t:
  • A 3-day jolly in Rome, with a pool, wine and no work
  •  An all-inclusive trip. Flights and dinner (with one exception) aren’t included.
  •  A conference ‘circus’ with multiple speakers who are whisked away before you can even say ‘Hi’
  •  A dull and boring business seminar
  •  3 days of hard partying (although you’re welcome to join us for the Pearl Jam concert on the 26th!)
  •  Your average weekend. (Or business event). (Or experience)
Here’s How The Schedule Is Shaping Up

Saturday 23rd June 2018
10.00 - 11.00am Arrival
~ Session One: Setting you up for success
~ Session Two: Mastering your motivation
 ~ Session Three: Craft (or refine) your basic proposition
Refreshments (beer, wine, or something non-alcoholic!)
~ Session Four: How to put this learning into practice

Time by the pool… 
Chill… get ready for drinks, dinner, and conversation!

Sunday 24th June 2018
~ Session One: Reflect, then build on Saturday's session
~ Session Two: Build a magnetic and compelling proposition
~ Session Three: Specialist Sales training with the extraordinarily successful Pete Dunn
~ Session Four: Show me the money! Creating a highly profitable business model
~ Session Five: Create the plan, and work through how you'll implement it effectively
~ Session Six: Commitment & Accountability

Beer!... Time by the pool… 
Chill… get ready for drinks, dinner, and party!

Monday 25th June 2018 
(optional, but highly recommended!)
Early Breakfast
~ Day Excursion to Rome for a full private tour

Just On The Off-chance You’re Wondering “Why Rome?”
We Practice What We Preach...
We found out that Pearl Jam were playing in Europe in June. When we saw that the gig was on a Tuesday, Simon said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do a Business Experience Event around the gig?”

We both thought, “Why not? Rome is an AMAZING city, the weather will be awesome. If we can find a fantastic space where we can all chill and get work done at the same time, it’s totally doable.”

Then we found this fabulous place just 10 minutes from Ciampino and 20 minutes outside of the city, close enough to be ‘Rome’ but far enough away from the city hustle and bustle to allow peace and relaxation.

PLUS...the food & wine, architecture, history, food & wine, incredible people,beautiful scenery... and food & wine just made it an obvious choice (do you think we may have an obsession with Italian food & wine??)
Here’s what others are saying about their Success Engineers experience...
Some real, big 'A-ha' moments, in terms of what I've learnt, what I came here for.
Also met a lot of really cool people whom I've no doubt there'll be some interaction with in terms of mutually-beneficial business.
~ Dave 
Leading Authority on Functional Medicine
It's really worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone. Absolutely couldn't recommend this highly enough. Success Engineers have been fantastic for us in such a short period of time and I can't wait for the next one 
~ Adele & Claire
The Platinum Group
The biggest takeaways...the Two laps (lengths) of the Pool...that really rammed home for me and also will for my own clients. So, that one was huge, probably the biggest out of anything. 
~ Trevor
World-Class Copywriter
Interested?  Here's Your Next Step
We’re Carefully Selecting Just 12 People For This 
Here's a recap of what you're getting:
  • 2 days of transformational business coaching that will accelerate your business
  •  Unparalleled access to the Success Engineers & their proven expertise  
  •  3 nights of accommodation in a luxury villa on the edge of Rome (Saturday, Sunday, & Monday night) 
  •  All breakfast, lunch, & refreshments provided (plus a sumptuous meal on the Saturday night) 
  •  Epic sales training 
  •  A guarantee that, (providing you actually do the work), you will make double your investment back in the 90 days after this event  
  •  Meeting a like-minded peer group for accountability, support, & some fun 
  •  A VIP exclusive tour of Rome & some of the best sights that the city has to offer  
  •  And giving yourself the space away from the demands of everyday life to focus ON your business, rather than being IN it
Sounds amazing, doesn't it!

By now I'm sure you're wondering about the cost (unless you've already scrolled to that, of course! I see you...)
As mentioned above, the Success Engineers venture and the Business Experience Events are part of our ethos about helping people to start & scale their businesses to success (the clue is in the name!).

So this is designed for those of you that don't have the backing or finances of a large corporate institution.
In fact, it costs a fraction of what it will be worth to you & your business, 
once you take action on what we'll help you with at the weekend.

But first, just before I get to the insanely good price, let me ask you something:

If you don't take action & join us for this Business Experience Event, 
where will your business go in the next few months?

How much progress will you make if you continue to do this alone?

How much is a shortcut to success REALLY worth to you?

What if, by the end of September 2018, you'd accelerated your business, 
made at least double your investment here, 
& had the peace of mind that clarity & a focused action plan gives you?

Not to mention the sustainable, scalable, profitable income?

...and what if you do nothing?

Can you really afford to miss out?

We've made this even easier by offering 
3 different payment options.

The harmony and fit of the group is paramount.
Simon & I are in the happy position of being fed by our respective (other) businesses.
Rushing to fill this event with anyone with a ready purse or credit card is NOT the way we do things.
We don’t need to and we don’t roll that way anyway.

If you truly want this year to be THE year where everything changes for you and for your business, where you can look back on a singular event and know precisely where your fortunes changed for the better, THIS is the event you need to be at.

The Success Engineers Business Experience Events come around ONCE per year. If you miss this, you’ll be waiting for another year. That’s a year of lost time & progress!

Be CRYSTAL clear.

This is a High-Ticket event at a low-ticket price.
There are no 'extras' to catch you out. 
Other than some evening meals & drink (one dinner is included), transport to & from the villa, and flights, 
we've taken care of everything within your ticket price.

We have private access to the whole villa & surrounding estate for the group of which 
you will be an integral and valued member. 
We have purposely kept this as a small, intimate gathering, to ensure you get our full attention.
2 Days with a World Class Coach, a Business 'Surgeon', a Sales Genius (the likes of which you may not have experienced before) and a hand-picked group of like-minded business owners.

And a perfectly tailored all-inclusive tour of Rome to help the weekend's plans settle as you enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of The Eternal City with your new friends.

We want you to relax, enjoy and absorb the information, insights & experience.
Equally, we want it to be a fit for you, and for the group.

Here's how that works...
1. Select which payment option you're most comfortable with & make your payment.
2. We'll then schedule a call with you to chat through your situation and what this event can do for you.

If we're both happy that this is the right decision, you're IN and you need do nothing more than book your flights and get packed (unless you're a Pearl Jam fan and fancy hanging out with us for another night).

If we don't feel that this is where you need to be right now or that this is a stretch, we'll discuss whether we can help you in another way (1-2-1 or group coaching, for example) or simply refund your payment.

Payment options are:
Single payment now - £1,497
3-payment option - £597 x 3
(£1,791 in total)
5-payment option - £397 x 5
(£1,985 in total)
*We're so confident in the impact this weekend will have on you that we guarantee the following:

If you come to this event, implement the actionable plan we create together for you,
using the resources we'll hook you up with (including accountability/implementation mechanisms),
and find that you haven’t made at least double your investment back in the 90 days after this event,
we'll refund you the cost of the Business Experience Event. 
This means the ticket price less the 'hard costs' - accommodation, tour, etc. 
(We’re good, but we ain’t Hermione Granger and we don't have her Time-Turner device. 
If you’ve stayed in the villa & enjoyed all the comforts and benefits of the event, 
we'd say that's fair, wouldn't you?).

Accelerating your business by 6 months is a highly individual process, and whilst there’s no quantitative way of guaranteeing it, we'll be working with you in the 90 days following Rome to establish that your business is leaping (not creeping) forwards .

That's our 'soft guarantee'.
Our 'hard guarantee' is that you make that solid ROI or we'll refund your Event cost.
By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to our standard - Terms Of Service
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