Essential Business Disciplines:
Creating a Thriving Business in an Unpredictable World
A reminder of what you'll get from attending this unique event:
Two full days of coaching and insights, where we pull apart the 
Essential Business Disciplines that are critical to your success success.

You'll understand how to become a better entrepreneur, in order to build a better business - even in an unpredictable and tough world.
These aren't just 'theory' lessons, you'll actually work on developing this stuff for yourself, while you're in the room.

You'll hear from drinks Distillers who have built thriving businesses; an FD who overcame extraordinary challenges; and a range of entrepreneurs and business owners whom you'll instantly relate to.

We'll be pulling out all of the 'gold' these people have to share and helping you develop a plan to systematically build a plan of implementation and create a better business.

You'll be in the hands of Simon Hartley, a world class coach and
Dino Tartaglia, a self-made businessman who has gone through exactly the same steps you will to develop his own successful businesses.

The weekend will be focused on one message, one plan and 
one singular objective.

There will be no carousel of speakers with a merry-go-round of 
ideas and topics that you'll enjoy, but never do anything with.

At the end of the two days, you'll come away with plans 
you can and will actually implement.

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