Essential Business Disciplines:
Creating a Thriving Business in 
an Unpredictable World
“In order to HAVE a better business,
you need to BECOME a better entrepreneur
not a better technician.”
“In Order To HAVE A Better Business,
You Need To BECOME A Better Entrepreneur, Not A Better Technician".
Special 'Transport & Accommodation' Discount Ends In:

"Uncertainty, Discomfort & Zero Predictability...

That DREADED Feeling Of Insecurity...

...Like It Might All Evaporate
At Any Moment!"
We’ve all been there.

That feeling of ‘unknowing’, putting on ‘the face’ - showing not a hint of uncertainty - but actually believing you’re winging it...wondering if the decisions you make are the right ones...the best ones...for your business and for your future success.

Hoping...praying...that you’ve got it right, that things will work out.

Sometimes it hits the pit of your stomach, writhing, wrenching at your gut.

Keeps you up at night, tossing and turning, sapping your energy, weakening your ability to focus, affecting your relationships...

Often, no matter what actions you take, what decisions you make, it can seem like you’re completely at the mercy of what happens.

I know exactly how this is, because this was me just a few short years ago.

Feeling like a rag doll, being blown around by the shifts and changes of the business and economic winds that blow through our world, throwing our plans into disarray, leaving us lost, mentally & strategically drifting, wondering what we can do to finally master this.
You are NOT alone.
The challenge is that Business does this to all of us.

It teases us into believing we’ve finally figured it out. Then, just as we begin to crank up what we believe to be working...BANG!...something totally derails our success train.

Or, at least, that’s how it appears...

Perhaps your business is doing pretty well, and you’ve mastered some of this.

And yet, still, every decision feels like it’s made on the edge of a knife. 

What should I do?

Perhaps if I do THIS…?

...or is THAT better?

How do I really know?

What if someone figures out I’m just winging this? I feel like an imposter…

It seems like everyone else has got this all figured out?

Decisions, decisions...decisions.

Maybe we agonise over this because, deep down, somewhere in the depths of our psyche, we know that, as entrepreneurs, our success (and thus, the success of our business) is the sum of the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Let me repeat that:
However, if this is you, if this speaks directly to YOUR experience (it sure as heck was mine), then I’ve got some good news for you.

You don’t have to function this way.

Big Decisions will never be easy, but arriving at better decisions and qualifying them so that you KNOW you’re:
  •  Making great judgement calls,
  •  Steering your business in a strategic direction
  •  managing the present and the future optimally... all within your grasp.

The key to unlocking the solution, to changing and up-levelling your capacity to predict your future?
Master the Essential Business Disciplines.
What Do We Mean By That?
Success in business ultimately comes down to THREE things.

You need the right:
  •  Skills
  •  Tools and
  •  Mental Game
Of these, your Character, built by the quality of your Mental Game, is the major component of your success.

And, yet, a mindset coach isn’t going to produce the results you need.

And a business coach will, almost by definition, miss the mark this critical component must hit.

You see, your business is a real thing.

Apart from you, it lives and breathes.

It has wants and needs, just as any living entity has.

The development of your Character MUST be echoed in your Business.

Because your performance directly impacts the capacity of your business to perform well.

And the critical drivers for this?

Your ability to show up consistently at your best, make the best decisions you can and lead & protect your business across the ever-changing landscape of unpredictability and uncertainty through which your path to success leads.
Show up - better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. Consistently improving.

Decide - by being fully informed and developing your ability to think more critically & strategically

Lead & Protect - which takes courage, commitment, and - most importantly - awareness and preparedness. Know that, whatever’s coming, you and the business are ready for it. 

How on Earth do you do all of this?
Essential Business Disciplines:
Creating a Thriving Business in 
an Unpredictable World
Glasgow, Scotland   |   22nd - 24th March 2019
In Glasgow, from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th* March 2019, Simon & I will be joined by some very special guests who have built thriving businesses in tough & often highly unforgiving, unpredictable markets.

We’ll be interviewing these guests to extract the gold that their journeys, experiences and insights can give you.

And we’ll use these golden nuggets of insight as we work collectively through the weekend, teaching & coaching you on how YOU can create a more resilient and flexible business.

A business that can adapt and thrive whether the market is throwing you constant curveballs, Life challenges are fighting with your priorities and focus, staff issues are leading you to believe you’re running a creche…

Whatever the problems are, you and the business can & will handle it…

This is what adopting the Essential Business Disciplines will give you.

And you know what?

If everything proves to be plain sailing for the next few years (Ed. - yeah, I wish!), that just means you grow and develop that business you wanted - but even faster.

Everything we coach, everything we teach, everything we share is designed to help you implement, to earn more money and free up more of your precious time, so this event will impact you while you are in the room.

And what you learn will continue to work for you & your business long after the event is over.

Wherever we appear, our events have a single point of focus: no carousel of speakers with 20 different messages.

When you attend a Success Engineers coaching event, you focus on ONE THING.

And focusing on that ONE THING means you can implement effectively when you leave the event.

No confusion.

No overwhelm.

No excuses.

This will be how we help you develop the tools and strategies to enable to you build both your character & your business, ensuring that you know how to make the best decisions, no matter what’s happening around you.

The Essential Business Disciplines give you all of that and much, much more.
Here’s how a single point of
focus for our events works:
While in Warsaw in June 2017, we tackled the #1 problem every small business has: you’re great at what you do, but you can’t build the bridge between that and having a seriously profitable business.
In our event in Newcastle, September 2017, the focus was on understanding how to identify and solve the problems & challenges in your business.
Then in Rome in June 2018, we helped a bunch of entrepreneurs and business owners look at the structure of their businesses and re-imagine them: what COULD they do if they were to use the foundational principles we taught them. How high could they fly?
Dublin in November 2018, accompanied by some wonderfully accomplished guests, we coached every business owner (and fledgling business owner) in the room to become more Mentally Tough, and turn their best ideas turn into commercially meaningful results.
Everyone at every event understood why they were there, focused on tackling the root cause of their challenges, and walked away with not just an actionable plan...

...but clarity on why that plan would work, and how to deal with the inevitable challenges that would try to derail their efforts. 

In short, they came to fix a BIG problem and came away with the understanding, the plan, the accountability and the support to solve it.
What's Next?
Now, in Glasgow, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March* (I’ll mention the 24th in a sec)...

...we’re going to bring our focus on the mission-critical aspects of running a business.

In fact, on running ANY commercial venture, whether it’s an online side-hustle or a full-blown multi-million £££ brick & mortar operation.

We’re going to tackle the ONE AREA OF FOCUS that will give you that feeling of paycheque-grade security you felt just before things changed and you got pushed (or jumped) out of Corporate.

The feeling of security that you only get in business from...
...Knowing that what you're doing ISN'T guesswork.
That your business is headed where you have pointed it, and being crystal clear on its direction & destination, and how you’re going to get it there.
We may not be able to give you the kind of premonitive grip on the future that Sherlock talks about but, by focusing on on your character, mental game and business acumen, we sure as heck can help you get close.


Our Trademark Success Engineers Business Experience Weekends Just Wouldn't Be Complete Without it...
Anyone who has been on one of our Business Experience Weekends will know that we don’t cut corners on these trips, and the great city of Glasgow will more than live up to our expectations in this regard.

We find that this type of social gathering really helps you to embed the learning and ideas from the time with us.

We came up with the idea of the Business Experience Weekend with our first-ever event in Warsaw in 2017.

What we found then - and ever since - is if we curate the group of attendees at our events really carefully, by getting the harmony of the group right, a couple of social experiences really helps to create bonds, support and, critically, the embedding of the weekend’s work in a way that a few hours at the bar during an event never does.  

In Rome, we cranked this up significantly by hiring a villa and taking the gang on a whole day’s tour of Rome, grabbing lunch, chatting, laughing, talking about our dreams and aspirations, inevitably our challenges… everyone just having a fantastic time with a bunch of great, like-minded people who ‘got’ each other. association with the rather snazzy and sophisticated subscription service, Juniper & Peat, on Saturday night, we’re hosting a tasting evening where you’ll have a sumptuous meal in very cool surroundings and wrapped around that will be a very different type of learning experience 😉.

With passionate, expert guest speakers from some of the finest distilleries in Scotland (some of whom we’ll have interviewed during the coaching event), you’ll be taken on a magical taste-tour of the worlds of gin & whisky, sampling and learning about these iconic drinks - the history, the process, the varieties...the cocktails!...everything.

You’ll find out things about your palate you never knew! and you’ll expand your understanding of the art and appreciation of whisky- & gin-making, and significantly enhance your enjoyment of whichever of these two phenomenal drinks you prefer (Ed. - or both, if you’re anything like me 😉)  

On Sunday (24th), given that we’ll all have had a fair old drink or three, we’ll have a leisurely, late breakfast. Then, we’ll get packed up and ready for a visit to one of Glasgow’s real treasures (we’re saving this one for later), followed by a bit of a walkabout (weather-permitting), finishing off with a late lunch before we say our goodbyes and head off home.

For some, this might be reason enough to come without the ‘Business’ bit 😂 (if it was, btw, I’d block you, lol), but it’s going to be a peach of weekend with this thrown in. 

But, don’t take our word for how different a Business Experience Weekend is.
Check out what our Rome crew said about their experience...     
You know, we have this expression to describe how we roll: #SeriousFun.
Simon ‘borrowed’ it from Sir Clive Woodward because it fits exactly what we think business should be: serious AND fun.

Not one or the other.

And not ‘fun’ first.

You have to do the serious stuff so that you earn the fun, but it isn’t a trade-off, as some coaches and pundits might have you believe.

It’s part of the blend and, if you work with us as so many frustrated and ambitious entrepreneurs have before you, you’ll unlock a whole lot of the fun side of owning & running your business. 
The Essential Business Disciplines will give you:
  • Clarity - you’ll know what you have to do, why, & when
  •  Purpose - you’ll understand the importance of a strategic overview of every key decision you make
  •  Focus - when you know what to do, and you have a clear line of sight on not only what you want, but how you can get there, you’ll gain a laser-like focus on every task and activity you engage in. 
We’ll start on Friday morning by helping you understanding how to focus on developing your ‘engine room’, the thing that will power you through your entire entrepreneurial journey and help you access that lifestyle, that freedom you truly want.

Then we’ll - quite literally - get down to Business
Click on the button now to join us in Glasgow for a weekend that will completely change the way you think about - and experience - entrepreneurial success!

Dino & Simon

PS. We’re not ones for bogus scarcity. Actually, we’re not ones for bogus anything, come to think of it…

There’s a rapidly-ticking clock on a special allowance* we’re giving you for being decisive. CLAIM THIS NOW before you get hit with the full price of the event.

If your situation changes, we’ll happily refund or shift your payment to another event or one of our coaching courses or experiences.

PPS. If you’ve never been to a Success Engineers’ event, here’s something you should know about how we roll and why we guarantee our work.

We want your RESULT, not your money.

We take the money - of course...we run a business - but it’s not what drives us.

Make sense?

If you act NOW, commit to this event and claim your allowance*, and you find on Day One that this isn’t significantly better than you expected, come see me [Dino] over lunch and I’ll fully refund your ticket price. You can keep the materials with our compliments.

We want you to be blown away by what you get from our approach and for you to understand how your business (and your life) will be transformed as a result. If we achieve that, THEN and only then are we happy to take and keep your money.

So click on the button to join us in Glasgow if you want to really accelerate your results. We can’t wait to see you.

What Will I Get From This
Weekend In Glasgow?
Because we teach principles and how to use them, it doesn’t actually matter where you are in your Entrepreneurial Journey - whether an established business owner, trying to get your side hustle going, or somewhere else along the path: you’ll benefit enormously by being in the room in Glasgow.

At the core of the issues & challenges you face as you build your business are a bunch of fundamentals, one of which is YOU and how you tackle challenges and setbacks.

No matter how resilient and resourceful you feel you are, there is ALWAYS another perspective, another level, another way to ensure your business builds the way you want it to, and it doesn’t end up being a hostage to fortune.

The plain fact is - and I’ll say this without fear of being even marginally wrong - right now, your business is nowhere near as prepared, as structured, as resilient or as flexible as it should be.

And neither are you. 
Essential Business Disciplines: Creating a Thriving Business in an Unpredictable World will help you view how you do things radically differently. 

It will prepare both you AND your business for whatever lies ahead of you.

Most importantly, you’ll leave the weekend event with a set of tools & understanding you can immediately put to work in building your business better, safer, and faster.

On Friday, we’ll begin by sharing some key concepts with you, and giving you some basic tools and understanding to set up the weekend - why what you’ve been doing hasn’t produced the results you expected and what you can do about improving this: most importantly...HOW you can go about improving this.

Topics we’ll cover across the weekend:
  •  Principles that enable us to Thrive when everything seems (or goes) random 
  •  The Five Fatal Mistakes
  •  The Five Characteristics of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs
  •  How do we avoid these mistakes and adopt & use these success characteristics?
  •  Discipline 1: Character - your personal performance drives the business performance
  •  Discipline 2: Responsibility - you are not your business and why this distinction is critical to your success 
  •  Discipline 3: Integration - the ‘how’ of tying these together: mechanics, mental game, skills & execution
  •  The power of Strategic Thinking: direction and conviction in an uncertain and changeable world
Practicalities: Where Do We Focus?
  •  You: Your Character and your capacity to perform more consistently at your best
  •  Strategy - direction and purpose
  •  Numbers - visibility of what’s ACTUALLY going on
  •  Education - understanding & focus on what you can and should do
  •  Action - control & guided progression
  •  Why you must have a Dashboard (you’ll build this in the workshop and be given this tool after the event)
  •  Reading the Dashboard: What are your numbers telling you?
  •  Analysing the Dashboard: How to dig in and find out what you should do next.
  •  Calculating Risk & Reward: How to quickly evaluate the decisions you make and actions you take
  •  Building in Premonition: How to anticipate and handle whatever Life throws at you & your business
  •  Recap: Your 5 BIG takeaways
  •  Putting the Plan Together… Resources, Action Steps, Commitment & Accountability…
What Makes This SO
Radically Different?
We believe that all business is ‘Character-led’.

We don’t believe that everyone has the same definition or vision of success.

And we know that there is no ‘one way’ for all of us to become successful, but there are characteristics & approaches common to all wildly successful entrepreneurs, athletes, adventurers, fact, anyone who enjoys lasting success at the top of their game.

We call these people ‘world class’.

This means we coach you on how to identify the abilities, understanding and characteristics you need to develop both as a strong business leader and as a sustainably successful entrepreneur.

The tools & skills are not complex to understand or acquire.

YOU, on the other hand, are the captain of your business, and your ‘engine room’ is your ability to make things happen - to achieve what you set out to do - no matter what happens around or in front of you.

Across the whole weekend, we’ll be working with you to help you understand where you AND your business currently sit in the key areas of the Essential Business Disciplines, where you can develop, how you can do that and what impact this will have on your business...and your future prosperity & security.

No blueprints.
No systems.
No ‘one way’.

Just a set of insights and principles built into a framework that we’ll help you tailor to YOU, so you begin implementing your new-found knowledge while you’re still in the room. 

Meaning you’ll come away with your very own, highly personal success ‘blueprint’, making your path to sustainable success crystal clear.

Don't Know Us?
Here's a Bit of Background...
Don't Know Us?
Here's a Bit of Background...
Hi. I'm Simon, Sports Psychology Consultant and
8-times Author

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards becoming World Class in their chosen field.

I’ve worked with and interviewed World Class performers and teams & gained incredible insights into what characteristics are common to those who are the very best in the World at what they do. 
In short, I understand how the best in 
the World get there and stay there.

My expertise lies in helping organisations, teams and individuals consistently engineer peak performance and realise their full potential.

By applying exactly the same approaches in business for almost 10 years, I’ve had incredible results with Executives, SMEs, Corporate clients and Entrepreneurs of all types and persuasions.
Hi. I'm Dino, the slightly-menacing-but-short one. 
(Actually, I'm a real pussycat...
...maybe ;) )

Over the last three decades, I’ve built, advised, worked with, closed and scaled over 200 companies over a range of sectors.

I major on troubleshooting, business mechanics and Execution Intelligence.

There's no problem in your business 
I'm not likely to have seen, or 
figured out how to solve.

My real 'superpower' is the ability to connect the actual (not perceived) problem with the solution (or the problem solver with the problem holder).

This means we can identify what needs 
to be done in your business in any of the FIVE key areas and help you short-circuit some huge delays, money pits and 
learning curves.
Interviewee Panel
Our Interviewees are hand-picked because their stories will not only be relatable for you, 
but will also allow you to understand ways in which you can improve 
how you deal with the challenges your business presents you.  

If you’ve never attended a Success Engineers event like this before, we should mention a little about our ‘style’ of uncovering insights and gold nuggets of experience from our guests.

In honour of the legendary interviewer, Michael Parkinson
we run a series of ‘Parky’ interviews, where we really get into the heart of 
what makes our guests so special: 
their stories, their ideas, their perspective but, most of all, their discoveries
how they came to become truly extraordinary.

You’ll find this aspect of the weekend incredibly valuable, as we collectively take what 
we discover and then repackage it in ways you can use in your business and in your life.
"These two days have accelerated my journey to success faster than any other personal development I've undertaken. I challenge any business owner to attend this course and say they learned nothing from it - It's not going to happen!"

Brendan Hall - Clipper Race winning skipper
(speaking about the recent Dublin event)
OK. That all sounds excellent.
Summarise it for me.
We appreciate there's a fair amount of info on this page. 

Here's the 'TL;DR' version to help you along.
This is what you'll get:
In order to HAVE a better business, you need to BECOME a better entrepreneur, not a better technician/consultant/coach/PT or whatever your specialism is.

You see, getting ever-better at what you do won’t build you a sustainably profitable business, but becoming a better entrepreneur will.  

Here's How That Happens:
You’ll be spending two days full of coaching and insights, where we pull apart The Essential Business Disciplines, and why they’re so critical to your sustainable success.

You'll understand not just what the components of the Essential Disciplines are, but we'll collectively actively work on how you can develop these for yourself, and put them in place in your business...all while you're still with us in the room.

Which means you’ll be building a plan of implementation while you’re with us, not just taking notes and absorbing more information.

We'll focus on these areas:
  • Your People (which means YOU if you're 'it')
  •  Your Strategy - how good is your plan?
  •  Your Execution - how reliable is your ability to move from idea to result?
  •  Your Finances (a big focus on money mindset & how to engineer cash & profit) - we're bringing in a very accomplished FD for this!
  •  Your Business Dashboard (performance and financial metrics) - we'll be developing your bespoke business dashboard so you can put into practice what we show you.
  •  How to develop discipline and consistency in your business - the critical component to ensure you DO what you intend and what needs to be done.
You'll hear from our amazing guests: drinks Distillers who have built thriving businesses; an FD who overcame extraordinary challenges; and a range of entrepreneurs and business owners whom you'll instantly relate to.

We'll be pulling out all of the 'gold' these people have to share and helping you develop a plan to systematically understand, adopt and embed the tools and practice of the Essential Business Disciplines in your business.

You'll be in the hands of Simon Hartley, a world class coach and Dino Tartaglia, a self-made businessman who has gone through exactly the same steps you will to develop his own successful businesses, and has learned how to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

The fusion of these two men is what makes the magic. You’ll not be working on our ‘blueprint for success’ and trying to make it fit who you are and what you need, but developing your very own, personal roadmap, your own blueprint for your success.

The weekend will be focused on one message,
one plan and one singular objective.
There will be no carousel of speakers with a merry-go-round of ideas and topics that you'll enjoy, but never do anything with.

At the end of the two days, you'll come away with plans you can and actually will implement.

And there’ll be P&A (Progress & Accountability) sessions post-event to keep you on track. 
Secure your spot now while the special allowance* is still active!

Use your £300 allowance before midnight (BST) 10th Feb 2019 
and pay just £695 for the entire event 
Come to Glasgow with whatever understanding and abilities you have, and whatever condition your business is in.

Leave significantly better and more capable, with a solid action plan and the means & expert support to implement it.

Grab your seat now for just £995 £695 before the deadline expires!
The DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel
Specifically chosen for its excellent location just off the hustle & bustle of Sauchiehall Street, and close to both Merchant City and accessible for the West End of Glasgow, the DoubleTree was recently refurbished to an amazing standard, outstripping the many 4-star hotels in the city.

Conference facilities are first-class and, with plenty of breakout options in the bars and coffee shop within the hotel, it’s an incredibly comfortable venue for a 2-day workshop. 

As a bonus, most of Glasgow’s finest shopping, food and culture is either a short walk or easy cab ride away!

Accommodation is what you would expect from this quality hotel, which is host to some of the largest conferences in Scotland and a firm favourite with both local and visiting business executives.

The lobby, bar, restaurant and coffee areas are at the superior end of what you’d expect for a quality 4-star hotel.
Rooms are spacious, and the Queen twin rooms enable anyone sharing to have more room than they’d have in conventional double.

As an aside, the breakfast selection is excellent, one of the best Glasgow has to offer.

We’ve agreed a special rate for anyone wishing to join us in staying at the hotel. 
Drop us a line at for more info.
As you’d expect, the city is replete with great hotels. If you wish to stay somewhere else, we’ll be providing more information to help you in your Welcome Pack.

We want you to experience the event and the environment it’s set in, not worry about logistics.

We consider your travel and accommodation as if it were us attending the event. So we look to make things as frictionless and enjoyable as possible. 

This is how a Success Engineers’ Business Experience Weekend works.

Once you buy your seat to this unique event, we’ll send you confirmation of your registration on our list. When we have all the guests registered, we’ll contact you with some more questions regarding where you’re coming from, arrival times, etc., so that we can make your journey to the venue as frictionless and pleasurable as possible.
For anyone driving, parking is on-site and complimentary, whether you stay at the hotel with the majority of delegates or travel in each day.

A Word Or Three About Glasgow:
Kilts and bagpipes may be shorthand for Scottish culture, but Glasgow, the country’s largest city, has carved out its own space in the country’s cultural landscape, with no tartan in sight.

While the traditional trappings of the Highlands recall a nostalgic and independent past, the working seaport of Glasgow feels far removed from the rural lifestyle up north. 

Once the fourth largest city in Europe (behind London, Paris and Berlin), it became a major trade centre in the early 17th Century thanks to its prime location on the River Clyde. International visitors and new ideas mingled early on, creating a city with its own cutting-edge breed of character and culture. It is uniquely worldly while retaining a strong Scottish spirit.

Named a European Capital of Culture by the European Union in 1990, Glasgow has continued to rake in the accolades over the years. The city was celebrated as a UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999, Europe’s Secret Capital of Music in 2004 and honoured as the first British city to be named a Unesco City of Music in 2008. 

Awards aside, Glasgow is a place that moves ideas and culture forward, not just within the city limits, but worldwide. As an epicentre of contemporary visual and performing arts, architecture and design, the city creates with the future in mind while also honouring the city’s rich past.
It also has that rare mix of culture, youthful energy, amazing historical buildings sitting cheek-by-jowl with award-winning futuristic architecture and yet, still manages to feel entirely welcoming. Glasgow and its people are open, accessible and comfortingly familiar.

With easy and cheap flights to and from Europe, extensive transport links and simple routes in and out by road, this city, with its warm and welcoming people and vibrant heart was an obvious choice for the first ever Business Experience Weekend held in the UK in Success Engineers’ gradually developing event history. 
If you know us, you’ll already be aware that we don’t do bland hotel rooms in the shadow of Heathrow airport.

If not, you’re in for a treat. Every event we run is focused on YOU and the outcomes we work to help you achieve but - most importantly - the environment in which you make these discoveries and progress really matters to us.

Glasgow is an amazing city, full of amazing people with a brilliant sense of humour, and fabulous experiences.

One thing Simon and I do (when we can) is book an extra day wherever we go just to soak up the culture and energy of the city we visit. I’d urge you to do this and extend your weekend by a day if you can, so you can explore and fully enjoy this wonderful city.

Here are some great places to visit:With ey and cheap flights 

Merchant City
George Square
Argyle, Buchanan & Sauchiehall Street
Kelvinside Art Gallery & Museum
The West End (all of it!)
Quayside and the SECC
Mackintosh House
People’s Palace

But the real heart of Glasgow is its people, who make the culture, the music, the food, the drinks, the buzz...who give life and soul to the city. Make time to enjoy as much of that as you can (we’ll be doing our bit on Friday & Saturday night, and Sunday morning to help that along 😉 ) 

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Take it from the entrepreneurs and business owners who have attended our events and worked with us.

Our Guarantee
It’s critically important to us that you are significantly changed by working with us, improved in your understanding and your ability to act and make better decisions.
So, here’s our commitment to you.

If you’re not already blown away by what you discover and experience at this event as early as the lunch break on Day One (Friday), come see me (Dino) and let me know. If you don’t wish to continue - for whatever reason - we’ll refund your ticket cost in full.

You can enjoy lunch on us, and keep the learning and workbook & materials with our compliments. You can even join us & the guys on Friday evening for dinner, if you’re staying over.

You need to see and feel the difference we can make to your journey. What drives us is your progression & your improvement, not your money.

So, grab your seat, and claim that flight and accommodation allowance now before the offer ends, safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose, and whole world of opportunity waiting for you in Glasgow on the 22nd-24th March.

This Is YOUR Opportunity To Make 2019 "The Year That Made The Difference"
This Is YOUR Opportunity To Make 2019 "The Year That Made The Difference"